Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Election Day -- Voting, Civic Duty, Getting Your Voice Heard, Etc.

I got up early this morning and got to my polling place a little past 7 A.M. There was a line that formed outside of the voting booths, much to my surprise. Apparently, voter turnout was higher this year for a midterm election.

I have been voting in every major election since 1990, when I turned 18 (the minimum required age to vote). My high school civics teacher was an influence in that respect. I also have to give props to my political science professor in college.

I have seen some bizarre elections in California over the years. There was the Proposition 187 illegal immigration election of 1994 which helped Governor Pete Wilson get re-elected but ended up making the Republican Party a minority party in the state. The past few years in California have seen the recall of Governor Gray Davis and the special election of 2005 of reform initiatives called by Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger.

I should have voter fatigue, but that didn't stop me from voting today (Tuesday, November 7th, 2006).

And I have my "I voted" sticker to prove it. Time to watch the returns...